We won a FWA Mobile of the Day

The Ask

CareFirst wanted to engage their millennial audience with something fun and educational that would resonate with the generation. 

We gave them FRNZY, a mobile game made up of fast-paced mini-games that test speed, agility and dexterity. The mini-games, along with health and wellness facts, trophies, and achievements, all work together to give the user a gaming experience they'll want to come back to. 

My contributions included concepting game ideas, exploring game mechanics and functionality, working with design to achieve the right look and feel, selecting sounds and music, brainstorming trophy ideas and designs, writing all content within the game as well as on the site, and for social posts, promotions, app descriptions and review requests.  

With the teams hard work, FRNZY has been very successful. We currently have 12.3k downloads with 50-150 new downloads per day, a 5 star rating on iOS, and all sessions considered, 63.2% are returning players. 

In 2015, a few months after it's initial launch, CareFirst asked us to create and execute a social strategy to promote the game. They also requested 3-9 additional mini-games to be released in 3 separate launches throughout the course of the year. 

Download the app on iOS or Android and let me know what you think.