"Coinsurance...? Coin insurance?"

The Ask

CareFirst asked us to create social videos to help explain complex health insurance terms. Since many adults find health insurance complicated, the concept centered around how CareFirst could make it easy to understand – even for kids.

Using candid responses, as well as the occasional fed line, our young actors gave us an idea of what insurance terms really sound like. By weaving together funny and accurate answers, we were able to create a series of videos that helped explain the ins and outs of health insurance. 

While the kids were the stars of these videos, we needed hosts to fill in the gaps from their responses. I wrote the host scripts that explain each health insurance term in detail. I also worked on set as Production Assistant and Script Editor to ensure that we adhered to the scripts, helped make on-the-spot adjustments when necessary, and kept diligent time-codes to assist in the editing process.